I used to work for a company that took complex information for medicine and nursing students, and transform it into wild and engaging stories. It’s a great company: www.picmonic.com and is worth checking out.

After a 4 year stint with them, it was time to move on. I got activated for the Army National Guard, mobilized, deployed, and have been full-time with them ever since. During that time, I branched into the Signal Corps and had been toying with the idea of using their approach for some of the complicated topics in both the Army, and within Information Technology.

Using the amazing capabilities of Open AI, including ChatGPT and MidJourney, I’ve decided to give it a shot and take the complicated topics and concepts that have been difficult to grasp and cement them into my brain as they are used in my day-to-day life. My hope that this passion project not only helps me better understand difficult elements within both IT and the Military but helps others as well.